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Finally a platform that allows job-seekers to apply for roles as people, not pieces of paper!

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Create a profile with your interests, skills and personality traits, as well as your qualifications, and represent yourself as a person, not just a piece of paper. With your digital fingerprint, you will finally be able to shine in front of the employers you are looking to impress! No more repetitive application forms, Headstart is the last thing you’ll have to fill out!

Match With Top Employers

Within minutes, our machine-learning algorithms will match you with leading employers from a wide variety of industries. Headstart enables students to engage in direct contact with companies such as Accenture, Vodafone and L'Oréal through our real-time job matching. With Headstart, you can now apply to your chosen company instantly.

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Instant matching

No more sifting through pages of information and waiting months to hear from employers. Headstart has real-time job matching.

Mobile Ready

Optimised for mobile use. This means that you can find the jobs you want, when you want, where you want. Offline mode coming soon.

Empowers Job-Seekers

Headstart shifts the balance of power to job-seekers, allowing leading employers to find your talent and reach out directly to you!

Simple to use

Tired of long application forms? You only fill out application forms when you know a prospective employer is interested in you.

Contextual Fingerprint

Finding it hard to express your talent on an application form? Our intelligent algorithms examine you as a person, rather than merely your qualifications.

Job Recommendations

Our intelligent algorithms use the information that you provide on your profile, to recommend the best-suited jobs for you.

Apply for Awesome Jobs

Whether you are looking to apply to a large city firm or an exciting new startup, our platform has you covered.

We have an extensive list of job roles on our platform, and its growing - fast. Scroll through the list of startups, SMEs and big corporations and apply to those that suit you with a single click!

Apply With One Profile

No more application forms. Now you can use your Headstart profile to show employers who you really are.

Your Headstart profile will combine your qualifications and work experience with your interests, skills, extracurriculars and personality traits to form a profile that will intricately represent you.

Discover More About Yourself

Headstart provides you with personalised recommendations as to which roles you’d be well suited to.

Our image-based personality test has been officially validated and will really help inform what you do next, by highlighting which company cultures you’d be a good fit for!

Access On The Move

Our fully functional app gives you instant and easy access to our exciting opportunities from your phone.

Scroll through jobs, add info to your profile, check out your recommendations, matches and much more, wherever you are. Finding a job has never been easier!

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