The world's most advanced Applicant Matching System

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A Revolutionary Candidate Centric Recruitment Platform

Headstart is transforming the way you screen, manage and hire your talent so that you can focus your time on the best-suited candidates.

Saves Time

We stack-rank candidates according to their suitability, saving you countless hours reviewing applications.

Saves Money

Stop outsourcing candidate-review. With Headstart, everything can be managed in one place.

Real-time Analytics

We provide you with live data on the current status of your recruitment cycle, allowing you to stay flexible and proactive.

Diversity and Inclusion

Our contextual approach to recruitment can accurately identify high-achievers that are from a diverse range of backgrounds.

Quality and Quantity Control

No longer do you have to sift through thousands of applications. Our algorithms do this for you.

Candidates are ranked in order of percentage match, taking into consideration your hiring criteria, your previously successful hires, and your core values.

Real-time Analytics

Stay on top of your hiring process by understanding your applicant pool.

Headstart ensures you are constantly aware of the status of your recruitment process, so that you can focus your time on theose candidates who best match your criteria.

Improve Diversity and Inclusion

Headstart widens the pool of candidates that are able to apply to your roles, by creating an inclusive application process.

Our App attracts students from all universities, including many that aren't traditionally regarded as 'target' institutions. Diversity improvements require a dramatic shift in mindset across a whole company. A data-driven process is the best way to drive this change.

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Be Proactive in Your Recruitment

Take advantage of an unparalleled opportunity to reach out to the most-suited candidates.

Our algorithms recommend candidates who suit your role, but who are yet to apply, and allow you to ‘Headstart’ them. This is a perfect way to attract students who are not in your traditional applicant pool.

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