Jailbreak 2017 – Why You Should Get Involved In Student Fundraising

Exeter RAG’s Jailbreak finished last week with teams getting to Denmark, Czech Republic and even New York City. The fundraising total stands at over £17,000 going to their nominated charities; Cancer Research UK, Balloons and Exeter Student Volunteers. If you enjoy travelling, talking to people and raising money for some fantastic charities then Jailbreak is definitely the event for you – but what’s it like being on the planning side of the event?

Looking for a Teaching role? Here are some useful tips on nailing the application process

There is always this negative predisposition which surrounds the process of applying for jobs, making it all the more unappealing to sit down and face. Questions whizz around our heads; “How can I portray the best version of myself on paper?”, “Have I mentioned all the most important aspects of my experience?” and “How do I come across?”.

Are You Looking for a Job in the Right Place?

In today’s competitive job market, students often feel overwhelmed by the application process, many not even knowing where to begin. With hundreds of sites to look through and thousands of people applying for each role, sending out applications can often feel like fishing in a lake without any fish. The job search isn’t a hopeless destination but it is going to be hard to figure out what to do, and even harder to make yourself stand out above the rest.

The Latest Labour Market Trends in the UK

The jobs market in the UK has become increasingly challenging in recent years. The loom of the Brexit verdict and worrying economic forecasts (though we haven’t seen any direct effects of Brexit yet) have made it even harder for students and graduates to find a job in an understandably competitive jobs market.  In uncertain times, we are seeing some emerging trends that may shape the way we look for jobs in the UK. 

4 Things to Expect When Job Hunting

If you are a university student, or a recent graduate, you're probably beginning to think about your next big milestone; the job hunt.

You may be facing a lot of parental pressure, and will almost certainly find yourself amidst a sea of uncertainty. To help you enter your job hunt with courage and confidence, as well as a bit of strategy, we’ve created a few pointers on what to expect!

The 3 Easy Rules Of Job Hunting

You’re moving onto the next part of your life and while job hunting can be hard, daunting and a long process, exciting times are ahead.  Yes, there will likely be successes, rejections, and many interviews before you find the job that fits right. But that’s okay. That’s why we’re here. We spend all our days working to help students like you to find their dream job. Here are some easy steps we’ve found can really help with achieving your goals.Follow these and it will make the job hunt a whole lot easier.

The Best Known and Most Popular Graduate Employers

Produced by High Fliers Research, the 2015-2016 edition of the Times Top 100 Graduate Employers has been compiled from on-campus research with more than 18,000 new graduates who left university in the summer of 2015. Now in its seventeenth year, it is thought of as an authoritative, easy-to-use guide to the graduate job market and Britain’s best known and most sought-after graduate employers.

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