Who We Are

Headstart uses Machine Learning to help employers identify the best-suited candidates in the shortest amount of time.

Used by some of the world's leading companies, Headstart is on a mission to make recruitment more efficient, engaging and inclusive, reducing the time spent reviewing candidates by up to 70%, and helping companies hire people that will adhere to their values, and thrive in their culture.

The Headstart process takes a job-seeker just 15 minutes, through a highly engaging experience, and is designed to help companies move away from experience/qualification driven screening, towards a far more inclusive, effective process that considers personality, behaviours, strengths and motivations as well.

With Headstart, companies can save time and money by accurately finding candidates who meet their exact job requirements at an early stage, and job-seekers can connect directly with businesses through a simple, re-usable application form.

Our Vision

We aim to revolutionise the recruitment industry, creating equal opportunities regardless of social background, whilst ensuring that every job-seeker discovers the job that they are most suited to.

By ensuring that both job-seekers and companies are well-informed, we seek to create a highly transparent process, and initiate a relevant and productive dialogue that makes candidates feel valued, and maximises the efficiency of every employer.

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