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We map your company's strengths and needs to highlight the perfect candidates for you.

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Powerful Data-Driven Software

Our Machine Learning technology combines psychometric testing with algorithmic analysis to help ensure effective, engaging and unbiased applicant review.

Candidate Centric

Headstart’s process takes a candidate just 15 minutes to complete, and was designed to be highly engaging. The system provides clear feedback and value-add to every job-seeker, even if they are not hired.

Greater Efficiency

Headstart’s technology reduces resume/application review time by up to 70%, enabling recruiters to spend more of their valuable time on those applicants who would be a good cultural and technical fit.

Improved Retention

By focussing on candidates who align with your values and will thrive in your culture from the start, Headstart’s matching algorithms ensure that the people you hire will perform better and stay longer.

A fresh take on recruiting

With Headstart you can screen and identify your top candidates with only a few clicks, versus weeks of resume reviews and phone interviews.

Every job-seeker deserves to be valued

Spend a few minutes rather than a few hours completing a Headstart-powered application form, and find a role that suits your personality, interests and skills.

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