Headstart allows Recruiters to spend their time more efficiently, reviewing those candidates who are best suited to a given role first, and therefore freeing resources that can be used to find candidates who would not ordinarily get a chance to shine. Headstart’s system seeks to remove unconscious bias, where a Recruiter cannot.

Our App Features

Instant matching

No longer will you have to sift through pages of information and wait months to hear back from employers. Headstart has real-time job matching.

Mobile Ready

Optimised for mobile use, Headstart works both online and offline. This means that you can find the jobs you want, when you want, where you want.

Empowers Students

Headstart shifts the balance of power to students, allowing leading employers to find your talent and reach out directly to you!

Simple to use

Tired of long application forms? You only fill out application forms when you know a prospective employer is interested in you.

Contextual Fingerprint

Finding it hard to express your talent on an application form? Our intelligent algorithms examine you as a person, rather than merely your qualifications.

Job Recommendations

Our intelligent algorithms use the information that you provide on your profile, to recommend the best-suited jobs for you.

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Sign up and start adding content to your profile so that in September we can recommend the most suited jobs for you. In the meantime use Headstart's CV Builder to apply for jobs anywhere, not only on our platform.

  • "It isn’t often you encounter a truly unique new offering in the graduate recruitment market, so when you are faced with something as disruptive and innovative as Headstart, you have no choice but to be curious and jump on the bandwagon!"

    Catherine George, Head of Campus Recruitment EMEA, AIG

  • "We at Vodafone are passionate about giving youth the opportunity to be at their best. Headstart will enable us to attract the most talented graduates and match them with exciting job or rotational program opportunities. We decided to pilot and support Headstart in the UK market as we believe in the great potential this disruptive piece of tech has and we love the passion of the founders!"

    Catalina Schveninger, Global Head of Resourcing and EVP, Vodafone

  • "For too long businesses have used recruitment strategies that have left talented and skilled graduates behind. Headstart is about correcting that mistake. It’s about recruiting for the future."


  • "Headstart is a game changing solution to the challenges employers face in quickly and efficiently accessing the best talent in the graduate recruitment market. It’s ease of use and intuitive design will attract graduates in their thousands to explore this new channel to the best graduate career opportunities out there."


  • "Headstart is exactly the kind of tool recruiters have been waiting for, to connect with the new generation."


Free for Students

We will never charge you anything.

We are all students and recent graduates. We know times are tight and we all have student debt to deal with. We believe that looking for graduate jobs should be as simple and stress-free as possible for students.


  • *Unlimited Job Applications
  • *Unlimited Matching with Recruiters
  • *Unlimited Job Recommendations
  • *Unlimited Exclusive Networking Events

Guiding Principles

Students First

As students ourselves, our mission in creating Headstart stems from the frustrations we felt when applying for internships and graduate schemes. We are tired of the long application forms, and the lack of clarity in job descriptions today. We want to change the way in which students find their desired careers.

Simplify Through Innovation

Our goal is to make life easier for both students and companies. For us, this means that we must continue to innovate so that we can maintain a product that truly helps. If there is a feature you want on Headstart, let us make it for you! We don't outsource our development like many of our counterparts so if you want it, we can make it.

Emphasise Diversity

Our view is that, to date, employment has been too rigid and formulaic. We support diversity and have moved away from ‘background’ selection to skill-based selection. This is reflected wholeheartedly in our app, which promotes students who have the right skills for a job, rather than with the right ‘background’.

Feedback Welcome

Contact us! We want to hear from you. Whether it is to give us a compliment or to give us some constructive feedback, we want to know how you feel. After all, we are here for you, and we can’t help unless we know what you need!

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